| About the Graphic Art Studio
| Three decades of design experience.

A Passion to Communicate

Crafting ideas and concepts into powerful visual messages is our forte at Koi Studios. We produce products that communicate & branding that people notice and remember. Koi Studios can bring a meaningful perspective to all of your marketing projects.

Effective designs are the result of open client communication and collaboration. Our proven proficiency in Corporate Identity, Web Design, Advertising, Marketing and Publication Design has resulted in award-winning creative work. Koi Studio's creative team strives to transcend the norm and provide a balance of visual power and targeted communication with each and every project.

Donna has been in business since 1990 as a Freelance Artist. She created Donna McCafferty & Co. in 2007 after moving to Bucks County. Her impressive studio was built to combine both Fine Art and Graphic Design.The studio’s creative motivated talents have gained many award-winning publications and design projects.

Since 1989, Donna has consistently produced award-winning work in many areas of print and web site design. Recognized in the industry for Creative Design, Fine Art and Identity Development, Donna is dedicated to her client's success through high-quality, intelligent creative. Her vision provides the fuel for your company’s growth and achievement.

Every great design begins with a message that needs to be communicated...
An idea with a visual image.
— Donna McCafferty

| About Fine Art Studio
| Creative Director & Designer.

The gift to see something from a unique perspective and to create a permanent record of it has been mapped into the soul of artists over the centuries. Born into a family of artists, Donna possesses superior design and fine art skills and has produced illustrations, portraits and landscapes in various media. She has been commissioned to create both commercial and personal works of art that express her passion. She believes that earning her BFA in Fine Arts and Communication Design has created a joyous and passionate career. “I feel very fortunate that my talent is my job”.
She participates in teaching classes to all ages, seminars and workshops to continually expand her and her students horizons.